Through this award, Montana Campus Compact honors civic-minded student-athletes who have made a commitment to community service. MAIS award recipients are recognized for their efforts to raise awareness about community issues, for encouraging other students to become more civically-engaged, and for actively serving in their communities.

Congratulations 2013 Montana Athletes Montana Athletes in Service Award Recipients!

Top left to right: Taylor Cummings, Senior, Civil Engineering, Women's Basketball at Montana State University - Northern; Lewis Polkow, Senior, Secondary Education, Men's Track & Field at Montana State University-Billings; Brian Labbe, Senior, Elementary Education, Football at The University of Montana Western; Haylee Gallego, Sophomore, Nursing, Women's Basketball at Dawson Community College; Conner Hausauer, Junior, Secondary Education, Men's Golf at Carroll College

Bottom left to right: Jayde Hair, Junior, Biology, Volleyball at Rocky Mountain College; Kelsey DeWit, Senior, Business Management, Women's Basketball at Montana Tech; Andy Austin, Senior, Psychology, Football at Montana State University -Bozeman; Eva Green, Junior, Business, Women's Basketball at Salish Kootenai College; Jordan Sullivan, Senior, Marketing, Women's Basketball at The University of Montana

Congratulations 2012 Montana Athletes in Service Award Recipients!

(Left to Right)
Olivia Weber, UM Golf
Galen Mills, Carroll College Football
Kirstin King, Montana Tech Volleyball
Meagan Nahrgang, Montana Western Rodeo
Sara Williamson, Dawson Community College Volleyball
Jacqueline Elliott, MSU Basketball
Navin Marimuthu, MSU-Billings Tennis

Melissa Jenkins, UM Track
Alex Shaw, UM Football
Natasza Lorentz, MSU Spirit Squad
Geoff Irwin, MSU Alpine Skiing

Amy Roberts, UM Volleyball
Casey Weinman, UM X-Country/ Track
Lyndi Seidensticker, MSU Basketball
Rick Haluszka, MSU Football

Grace McKoy, UM Soccer
Ty Palmer, UM Football
Kelsey Edinger, MSU Cheerleading
Cody Anderson, MSU Basketball

Grace Harris, UM Soccer
Jordan Hasquet, UM Basketball
Ericka Perry, MSU Basketball
Tanner Ripley, MSU Football

Jade Roskam, UM Volleyball
Jesse Loether, UM X-Country/ Track
Sarah Eby, MSU Track
Mecklin Davis, MSU Basketball

Laura Cote, UM Basketball
Jason Washington, UM Football
Rebecca Cooper, MSU Track
Elliot Barnhart, MSU Football

Shannon Shelby, UM Track
Drew Babcock, UM Track
Kelli Phillip, MSU Track
Alioune, MSU Basketball

Vasi Jankovich, UM Track
Shane MacIntyre, UM Football
Megan Lee, MSU Track
Joel Walthall, MSU Track

Anne Sheehy, UM Track
Dane Oliver, UM Football
Katie Burrows, MSU Basketball
Jason Erickson, MSU Basketball

Jill Henkel, UM Basketball
Ryan O'Neill, UM Tennis
Ariana Lee, MSU Track
Ryan Johnson, MSU Football

Maggie Pierose, UM Golf
Jesse Barnes, UM X-country
Staci Rust, MSU Tennis
Kenny Plummer, MSU Basketball