This week campus Advisory Committee members will receive an email message from national Campus Compact, inviting you/your institution to complete this survey by November 23rd. As always, the survey asks a variety of questions regarding last year’s (2015-2016) community engagement activities. You will be the ONLY one at your institution to receive the invitation message. You are still encouraged to gather the information with colleagues; i.e., if it takes more than one person to gather the necessary information and/or submit it through the online survey you are still able to do that! The link to the survey that is included in the invitation is a unique link for your institution, so sharing it with another colleague [Grad Student or whomever] is fine. Don’t forget, before you even click on the link to the survey, there is a PDF containing every question that is on that tool. Utilizing this PDF will save you from having to leave and come back to the survey every time you come across a question that you don’t immediately have the answer to at that time.

NOTE: this survey is much shorter this year and it allows for plenty of times for you to indicate something akin to “Nope, we don’t do that.” This way you won’t/shouldn’t be asked too many more questions about that topic, specifically.

If you have any questions or concerns about completing the Annual Survey, please feel free to reach out to (hopefully, well before the 11/23 deadline).

Additionally two webinars are being offered on October 6th and 13th. More information is here.

to provide insights and share best practices regarding how to go about gathering the necessary information in order to complete the survey by its deadline. Registration links with dates and times are included below. This opportunity is FREE for any Campus Compact partner institution.

October 6th at 12:30 PM REGISTER HERE
October 13th at 12:00 PM REGISTER HERE

Webinar attendees will engage in the following:

• Discussion with those who have completed the Annual Survey in the past, regarding: How to form partnerships across your institution that will aid you in completing the survey; What it really takes to be able to complete the Annual Survey, and; Partner campuses’ motivations and expectations for completing the Annual Survey.

• General Information about the Annual Survey such as: Did you know there is a PDF of every survey question that you can use to guide your data collection efforts? Do you know who to contact with questions? Did you know you can start the survey and then come back to it at a different time, to complete it? Deadline, etc.

• Showcasing examples of “What to do with all that data”. A brief discussion about using data to support your institutions community engagement activities and create a culture of high quality tracking, assessment, and evaluation of your institution’s community engagement outcomes (e.g. student learning, “impact” on community identified needs/issues).

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