Our 2018-19 webinar series takes the great and varied work happening on the ground and brings it to your desk. Topics touch on issues of relevance to faculty, staff, students, and their partners in education and community building. Be sure to tune to each session for information, tools, and resources to support and inspire you.

Learn more and register at: compact.org/webinarseries

Series topics:
Sep. 20 - University Junctions: Connecting writing and service-learning across campus
Sep. 27 - Racial Equity Across College & High School: It’s about liberation & transformation, not diversity & inclusion
Nov. 13 - Community Colleges as Civic Power Plants: Generating, harnessing, and spreading civic power
Dec. 6 - Students and Spirituality: Student motivation to do good
Jan. 24 - Placed-Based Community Engagement in Higher Education
Feb. 14 - What Went Wrong? A Partnership Analysis Framework
Feb. 19 - Integrating Civic Outcomes Across a Major or Program: Curriculum design and mapping for civic learning
Mar. 5 - Exploring the Connection: community engagement and college completion
Apr. 16 - Census 2020 and Higher Education

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