Welcome new VISTA member! Following are the forms to fill out to begin your hiring process. Except for items 14, 15, 16, each link below connects to an online form for you to fill out. If you do not have Adobe Reader, download here. IF YOU USE THE 'FILL-OUT-ONLINE-FUNCTION' PLEASE NOTE:

  1. YOU MUST SIGN EACH OF THE FIRST 13 DOCUMENTS (except for #3) so you will need to create a signature. Just click inside the signature field on any of the documents and follow the directions. You can either import a jpeg of your signature, use your mouse to draw your signature, or create a digital signature.

  2. FOR THE 'FILL-OUT ONLINE' FUNCTION TO WORK, you must save each form as a PDF and then close out of your browser before you begin filling out the forms. If you need more information on filling out forms online, click here.

Once your forms have been completed, upload them to us using our secure server powered by Submittable (#18 below). If you prefer to print out all the documents and fill them out by hand, read the last paragraph at the bottom of this page.

  1. Signed Offer Letter

  2. University of Montana Personal Information (signature at very bottom of page)

  3. VISTA Personal Information

  4. Designated Decedent’s Warrant

  5. Statement of Selective Service

  6. Worker’s Compensation

  7. W-4 (only the first page needs to be filled out and submitted. The 2nd page is for your use if you need to figure out how many deductions to claim)

  8. First Check Mail Out Authorization

  9. W-9 (only first page needs to be filled out and submitted. Other pages are for your information.)

  10. I-9 (This form needs to be filled out by hand. It cannot be filled out electronically so you need to print it, fill it out, scan it and then upload page one only)

  11. Direct Deposit Request
  12. VISTA Background Check Authorization

  13. VISTA Relocation Expense (If you are not relocating from a distance of more than 50 miles, skip this step.)

  14. Upload a copy of a voided Check (If you do not have a check, you can skip this step.)

  15. Upload a copy of your CURRENT Driver's License or State Issued Photo ID

  16. Upload a copy of you CURRENT Passport or a copy of your Birth Certificate

  17. VISTA Hire Paperwork Checklist (You do not need to upload this form. We have provided it for your convenience.)

  18. When you have completed all of the documents above, upload them here to our secure server powered by Submittable.

If you prefer to print all the documents above to fill out by hand, click here. Once you finish filling them out you will need to scan each document as a SEPARATE DOCUMENT, as well as the documents listed above in #14, #15, #16, and upload them here to our secure server, powered by Submittable.