Get in contact with the following coordinators to learn more about local Read for Peace 2018 events in your area.

Butte, MT - Daniel Hogan, MTCC VISTA:

Great Falls, MT - Samantha Clark, MTCC AmeriCorps Leader:

Missoula, MT - Alysa Kelly, MTCC Program Specialist:

Poplar, MT - Kaitlin Willbanks, MTCC VISTA:

Helena, MT - Gabrielle Crofford, Justice for Montanans AmeriCorps Member,

Libby, MT - Maya Koepke, MTCC VISTA:

Troy, MT - Haley Spurlin, MTCC VISTA:

Pablo, Polson, and Ronan, MT - Dayton Smith, MTCC AmeriCorps Leader:

Hamilton, MT - Lani Augustine, MTCC VISTA:

If you are interested in coordinating Read for Peace in an area not already listed, please contact MTCC Program Specialist Alysa Kelly at or by phone at 406.243.2379.

Resources for local coordinators:

Recommended MLK Books

Read for Peace Project Guidance