In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, Montana Campus Compact affiliate college and universities and AmeriCorps VISTA projects throughout Montana recruit and place volunteers in elementary school classrooms to help spread the word about the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Since 2012, hundreds of volunteers have served with MLK Read for Peace projects. This one- to two-hour commitment involves reading age-appropriate books about Dr. King to youth in kindergarten through third-grade. Readings are generally followed by an interactive activity, such as writing poetry or creating artwork inspired by Dr. King's legacy.

The impact of Dr. King’s work and life on American history is often not a required part of elementary curriculum. Although students enjoy a long weekend in observation of MLK Jr., Day every January, they may not understand the significance of this day.

MLK Read For Peace provides students with information about Dr. King and simple activities they can complete over the weekend, which are then displayed in a prominent community location.

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2014 MLK Read For Peace

Number of communities that participated in the event: 12 (2 remaining sites to report)

Number of college students that participated in the event: 32

Number of schools that participated in the event: 42

Number of AmeriCorps*VISTA volunteers: 33

Number of Senior Corps volunteers: 76

Number of AmeriCorps State and National program volunteers: 8

Total number of hours contributed by volunteers: 300

Total number of volunteers: 184

Number of students read to by volunteers: 4519

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