Montana Campus Compact is actively recruiting for full time, year-long, paid VISTA and AmeriCorps positions that will begin in July2018 (VISTA) and September of 2018 (AmeriCorps). Service is a wonderful way to build and hone your skills while making a meaningful difference in real Montana communities!

VISTA July 2018 - July 2019 Class (Indirect Service): Serve behind the scenes with higher education, non-profits and other community and government programs to address K-12 success, college access and success, and/or services for veterans. Your service will strengthen infrastructure, build capacity, and leverage higher education’s resources to help alleviate poverty in Montana communities.

AmeriCorps September 2018 - August 2019 Leader Class (Direct Service): Work directly with underserved K-12 youth through mentoring, normalizing college going, and increasing student success and college access. Your service will enrich the lives of those you serve and leave lasting impacts on these students, families and Montana communities as well as help to alleviate poverty through attaining higher education.

FOLLOWING ARE FULL-TIME, YEAR LONG VISTA and AmeriCorps positions beginning in July 2018 (VISTA positions) and September 2018 (AmeiCorps positions)


Girl Scouts of MT & WY AmeriCorps Leader: Mentor underserved K-8th grade girls in activities to develop and implement college access, leadership, STEM and outdoors programming. The leader will support and lead a team of 2 college student AmeriCorps members. In Billings and on the Crow Reservation, the poverty rate is increasing, with the most affected group being kids under 18. The AmeriCorps program will help engage college students to deliver college-positive mentoring and guidance to underserved girls in grades k-8. The leader will develop opportunities to bring elementary and middle school girls to campus to engage with professors and different departments with a variety of majors. They will support lessons and activities for girls in APD troops at local schools. Successful candidates will be passionate about creating equitable opportunities and addressing barriers for all youth to attend college. Apply Here!

Montana State University Billings TRIO/Student Support Services VISTA: Help increase college retention and completion rates of low income students at MSU Billings by building mentorship, internship and other support services. Students are eligible for Student Support Services (SSS) Program services if they have an academic need, meet one of three eligibility requirements (first generation, low-income and/or have a documented disability) and have the ability to benefit from SSS services. The VISTA will help expand the current mentoring program (including a comprehensive evaluation tool), create internship opportunities for upper-level college students, design and fundraise for family engagement programs (for current and future students), and work on a retention plan to help participating students graduate college and build a pathway out of poverty. Apply here!


Bozeman Public Library "Startup Bozeman" VISTA : The Bozeman Public Library provides a free and safe space for up to 1800 people each day to pursue opportunities and dreams. Currently, entrepreneurship training and resources on how to start a business are only offered at the corporate and collegiate levels. The VISTA will work with the Bozeman Public Library, the City of Bozeman Department of Economic Development, and the Blackstone LaunchPad at MSU to engage low income students in out of the classroom learning to succeed in school, as well as exposing them to exciting careers and post secondary opportunities. Kickstart a monthly podcast, build an entrepreneur and business center at the library, and develop curriculum and workshops. Apply here to serve!

Bozeman Public School District #7 EL/NAI VISTA – Serve as the English Learner/Native American Indian Family Outreach/Literacy & Program Development VISTA member. As a VISTA member you will help ensure that English Language Learners and Native American Indians have meaningful access to instruction, materials, and academic choices. Working with the district, community agencies and faith based communities you will create a user friendly bilingual Community Resource Guide to increase EL/NAI family access to education and community resources, which will have a direct impact on EL /NAI student achievement and their quality of life in Bozeman. Apply here!

Bounty of the Bridgers Campus Food Pantry at MSU VISTA – Serve with Bounty of the Bridgers (BOB) to expand the BOB Campus Food Pantry Project at MSU. The BOB Food Pantry reduces food waste and increases food access through education, food recovery, and food distribution in the MSU community. Approximately one in three MSU students experience food insecurity at some point during the academic year. As a VISTA you will help increase the number of clients served by the pantry, expand the volunteer base, help secure a permanent home for the pantry, work to include of a wider variety of rescued nutritious food offerings and secure additional funding and in-kind support for the project. Apply to serve at Bounty of the Bridgers here!

Gallatin College, MSU Dual Enrollment Access and Outreach Project VISTA – Serve with Gallatin College to increase first generation, low income, rural high school students’ access to post-secondary education through dual credit courses. Dual credit is important because it provides a bridge to post-secondary education and creates an early, more successful path to college, training, or work based learning which can lead to a career and income security. As a VISTA you will use technology to remove barriers for students through the creation and implementation of an online dual enrollment orientation, registration process, and instructor training workshops. Apply to serve here!

Montana Racial Equity Project –Native American and minority student success VISTA: Of the largest minority population in Montana, Native Americans, up to 36.3% live in poverty. In Bozeman, only 50% of Native American students graduate high school. The Montana Racial Equity Project (MTREP) strives to achieve equity, racial justice, and positive transformational change for Montana’s historically marginalized, disenfranchised, and oppressed peoples in the personal, social, systemic, and structural arenas. MTREP and this VISTA will build racial literacy curriculum in Bozeman area schools to educate and support low income, minority students in Bozeman in completing and succeeding in school. The VISTA will also help provide educational trainings for school personnel and youth serving organizations to build a culture of support and success for low income, minority student academic achievement. Apply to serve here!

MSU Park County Extension Youth Empowerment VISTA - Serve with MSU Park County Extension to develop new 4-H programs for low-income, underserved youth ages 12-16 in Livingston, helping them to identify, explore, and build tangible skills in their areas of interest. The VISTA’s focus areas will be: volunteer recruitment and leadership development, positive youth development, and system creation and operations support. The mission of this project is to engage at-risk youth in interest-based education where they can learn life skills—like an openness to challenge and discovery, hope and purpose; pro-social orientation, positive emotionality, and self-regulation; and experience positive adult relationships. The project aims to increase youth academic motivation and success, helping youth successfully transition to adulthood with improved health and well-being, and a desire for civic engagement and economic stability. Apply here to serve!


Montana Tech AmeriCorps Leader: Lead a team of AmeriCorps members to engage first generation, low income K-12 youth with mentoring activities designed to help them succeed in school and motivate them to plan for and pursue post-secondary education. The MTCC AmeriCorps Leader will recruit, support and lead a team of 6 college student AmeriCorps Team Members in collaborating with Butte High, Anaconda High, Ramsay, the Legion Oasis and Kids Coalition to promote and facilitate college-positive activities for K-12 youth. The Leader will support the AmeriCorps team in various projects including engaging students in school and after school mentoring at partner schools and organizations; delivering college access curriculum such as financial literacy workshops; facilitating a summer nudging program encouraging post-secondary enrollment for recent high school graduates; recruiting and supporting college students as college-positive volunteers to strengthen service projects and college access programming; planning for and participating in required National Days of Service; and engaging students in community service projects to encourage community engagement. Apply here!


Girl Scouts of MT & WY AmeriCorps Leader: Mentor underserved K-8th grade girls in activities to develop and implement college access, leadership, STEM and outdoors programming. The leader will support and lead a team of 2 college student AmeriCorps members. In Great Falls and on the Blackfeet Reservation, the poverty rate is increasing, with the most affected group being kids under 18. The AmeriCorps program will help engage college students in delivering college-positive mentoring and guidance to underserved girls in grades K-8. The Leader will develop opportunities to bring elementary and middle school girls to campus to engage with professors and different departments with a variety of majors; and they will support lessons and activities for girls in APD troops at local schools. The AmeriCorps Leader will commit to serving at least 1,700 hours and will participate in all MTCC training opportunities. Successful candidates will be passionate about creating equitable opportunities and addressing barriers for all youth to attend college. To serve with Girl Scouts, Great Falls, apply here!


Helena College: Developing Community Learning Programs VISTA - The role of the VISTA will be to work with the Workforce Development Director and the Community Outreach Director in establishing internships, apprenticeships, and externships to provide students with "high impact" experiential learning opportunities. The collaborative effort will provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities that will enable them to become active participants in the workforce. Also, businesses and organizations will acquire capable workers who have been personally managed and trained by their team. This project will specifically focus on engaging low-income, first generation, or other underrepresented/at-risk students in community-based learning opportunities. To serve with Helena College, apply here.

Montana Joining Community Forces (JCF) Community Engagement Project VISTA
- The primary responsibility of the VISTA will be to build capacity for Montana Joining Community Forces and implement sustainable solutions to challenges currently facing veterans and their families. The VISTA will work alongside the Director of Veteran Services and through the Montana JCF to assess existing community resources to determine where gaps in services exist; and then identify community partners to assist in developing solutions to fill the gaps. The mission of the Montana JCF is to serve Montana communities by centralizing, expanding, and maximizing resources available to Veterans, service members and their families in an effort to foster personal and family growth and build sustainable and relevant relationships between the military community and the community at large. Apply to serve with Montana Joining Community Forces here!

Montana Nonprofit Association VISTA: Complete your year of service developing and implementing Service Learning and Credentialing initiatives to help increase graduation rates and post-graduation success of low income, first generation, non-traditional college students. These initiatives will help bring first generation and/or nontraditional students into leadership positions in the nonprofit sector as volunteers or staff. Complete community assessments of service learning programs across Montana colleges and nonprofits, help create measures for successful service learning experiences, determine how best to engage low income students in these opportunities, and help the Montana Nonprofit Association implement service learning programming and promote credentialing opportunities. To apply for this position, click here!


Flathead Valley Community College (FVCC) VISTA - As the VISTA service member for FVCC you will serve at Flathead Valley Community College with the specific goal of building infrastructure that will support community involvement and a mentoring program. Research shows that mentoring in higher education has a positive psychosocial and academic impact on mentees while helping develop skills and behaviors necessary to succeed professionally. This project will specifically focus on engaging low-income, first generation, or other underrepresented/at-risk students. Apply to serve with Flathead Valley Community College here!

The Literacy Center of Northwest Montana VISTA: Help increase graduation and academic success rates for low-income students by developing out of school literacy programs for low income students in Kalispell, MT. Complete your year of service building a children’s book distribution program, a neighborhood reading program, and engaging high school and college students in youth reading clubs. The Literacy Center of Northwest Montana provides individualized learning programs for adults, children, and families. Our goal is to empower participants by helping them develop educational, social and professional skills. To serve at the Literacy Center, apply here!

The Gateway Community Center Neighbors in Need VISTA: Assist the Gateway Community Center in Kalispell, MT to open a Day Center for homeless veterans to access health care, basic needs, and educational services needed to move out of poverty. Work to connect service providers in the community and build a partnership with the Flathead Valley Community College to help increase services for veterans. The Gateway Community Center is a human services campus located in the former Gateway West Mall that provides services to residents from every community in Flathead County. This facility provides a unique opportunity to bring together nonprofit service providers to better meet the needs of clients who currently have to search for services scattered throughout the greater Kalispell area. To serve with Neighbors in Need, apply here!


Lame Deer Public Schools VISTA - Lame Deer Public Schools is committed to improving academic success for undeserved students, thereby improving economic outcomes, and alleviating poverty in the region. This VISTA project will move low income youth out of poverty by increasing student support and community connection for Lame Deer K-12 students. Lame Deer Public Schools has 100% economically disadvantaged, American Indian student groups, and an overall graduation rate of 38.9%. The VISTA will build sustainable bridges between Lame Deer students and the Northern Cheyenne Tribe, Chief Dull Knife College, and community entities to connect students and the community through service projects, summer programming and post-secondary access and success. To serve with Lame Deer Public School, apply here.To serve with Lame Deer Public School, apply here.


Accelerate Montana –Connecting Communities to Entrepreneurship VISTA: With a focus on rural, Native American, and disadvantaged populations, the VISTA will help develop funding and entrepreneurial methodologies to give new tools to low income high schoolers, college students and faculty, as well as alumni to move out of poverty. University of Montana's students are leaving between their freshman and sophomore year at a rate of 32%. Low income Native American students on campus are leaving at far higher rates. This VISTA will help setup programming inside Western Montana's high-poverty areas (e.g. Blackfoot Reservation), write and research grants to run additional programming on and off campus, and collaborate with the vast network of campus and community organizations to help these low income students succeed. Apply here!

EmpowerMT AmeriCorps Leader: Serve this year by empowering youth leaders to work to end mistreatment, correct systemic inequalities, and strengthen communities across the state. EmpowerMT envisions a Montana where each person is respected, where differences are understood, where youth, institutions, and communities share a commitment to correct injustices, and where all people have the opportunity to thrive without the risk of violence or oppression. The MTCC AmeriCorps Leader will facilitate EmpowerMT programming to develop leaders at Big Sky High School and its feeder schools. Leader duties reflect EmpowerMT and Big Sky High School’s shared value that all people will be treated with respect and dignity and approached with recognition of their individual importance, which in turn will keep keep students in school and increase academic success of these students as well as work to normalize college going. Apply Here.

Flagship AmeriCorps Leader: Engage at-risk youth in college positive activities and healthy after school programming. The Flagship AmeriCorps Leader will assist in mentoring youth (25-50 students at each school) and in facilitating after-school programming that engages students in learning, career readiness, and leadership activities. After-school programs will provide at-risk youth a safe place to develop new skills, boost their self-esteem, and build meaningful relationships with college positive adults. The Leader will also recruit, support and lead a team of 3 AmeriCorps Team Members who will aid in volunteer recruitment, program documentation, student mentorship, and the facilitation of after-school programming. The AmeriCorps team will facilitate a volunteer outreach plan with a goal of recruiting 700 volunteers to lead and assist in Flagship after-school programs for the following academic year. To serve with Flagship, Apply Here!

International Rescue Committee - Missoula Refugee Education Program VISTA - Serve in Missoula to strengthen community-oriented refugee youth enrichment programming. In your role as a VISTA service member you will develop a systematic process for enrolling all resettled refugee youth in English language programming and develop a public school orientation to support academic and acculturation success. You will also help create a cultural competency training for school and community partners working with refugee youth to increase their capacity to understand and appropriately support refugee youth. Improving English language and educational outcomes for refugee students increases the entire refugee family's opportunity for success. To serve at the International Rescue Committee, apply here!

MTCC Senior AmeriCorps Leader Serve this year in the Montana Campus Compact network office providing support services for AmeriCorps teams throughout the state, planning and executing training opportunities for AmeriCorps Leaders and service projects in Missoula, recruiting college students and community volunteers to serve, and utilizing social media and local media outlets to highlight the work of the MTCC AmeriCorps teams in Montana. The leader will assist with planning training opportunities for AmeriCorps Leaders and assist with and participate in host site visits throughout the state. Apply here.

MTCC VISTA Leader Serve as the Montana Campus Compact network office VISTA Leader! Working closely with the VISTA Program Manager the VISTA Leader will provide support for VISTA teams throughout the state; plan and execute VISTA trainings and service projects in Missoula; and utilize social media and local media outlets to highlight the work of the MTCC VISTA teams in Montana. The leader will also assist with and participate in host site visits throughout the state. Apply here to be the MTCC VISTA Leader!

Girl Scouts, Missoula AmeriCorps Leader: Mentor underserved K-8th grade girls in activities to develop and implement college access, leadership, STEM and outdoors programming. The leader will develop opportunities to bring elementary and middle school girls to campus to engage with professors and different departments with a variety of majors, as well as support lessons and activities for girls in APD troops at local schools. Successful candidates will be passionate about creating equitable opportunities and addressing barriers for all youth to attend college. Apply here.

University of Montana TRIO-Upward Bound VISTA - Serve with TRIO-Upward Bound, a federally funded college preparatory program, designed to provide the requisite academic skills, motivation, and support that first generation, low income students need for success in post-secondary education. The VISTA will work to build structure for an Upward Bound Advisory Committee, secure outside funding, and build capacity to implement a new summer nudging program. This project alleviates poverty by providing an even playing field for low income and first generation students to get to and succeed in college. Serve with University of Montana TRIO-Upward Bound by applying here!

Turning the Wheel Missoula (TTWM) VISTA - Serve with Turning the Wheel Missoula to provide youth with the skills they need to overcome poverty and adverse circumstances so they can thrive. Steeped in movement based practices, embodied learning, positive psychology, dance and theater improvisation and performance, TTWM programming provides experiential learning that builds empowerment, self-awareness, leadership and collaboration. As a VISTA you will work with local schools to provide mental, emotional and physical health experiential content in Missoula County Public Schools Health Science curriculum; develop partnerships with like-minded organizations; and work to expand the Teen Mentorship program. The VISTA will also work to attract partners and secure funding by developing marketing and outreach materials, expanding visibility and a clear brand through social media, and helping produce fundraising events. Apply to serve at Turning the Wheel Missoula here!

Missoula Urban Demonstration Project (MUD) VISTA - Serve with the Missoula Urban Demonstration Project in developing marketing and fundraising strategies to support long-term youth programming and partnerships with other organizations focused on youth development. The VISTA will develop educational outreach materials about MUD programs to reach a wider audience of youth in Missoula Community, and assist with the development of an annual cycle of youth education offerings at the MUD Project. MUD connects neighbors to alleviate poverty through community building. Apply to serve with the Missoula Urban Demonstration Project here.

Families First Children’s Museum (FFCM) VISTA - Serve with Families First Children’s Museum of Montana to create and widely distribute a comprehensive guidebook, “Growing Together: A Guide for Raising Children,” that thoughtfully synthesizes parenting content with research-based instruction and practical application. This will allow FFCM the opportunity to create a meaningful resource for families of varying economic and cultural backgrounds, and an improvement in our community’s ability to address a wide range of parenting needs. Research suggests supportive parents who offer positive attention are likely to raise children with high self-esteem who go on to experience academic and professional achievement and high levels of happiness. To assist in growing healthy families with FFCM apply to serve here!

spectrUM Discovery Area AmeriCorps Leader: Serve this year by providing hands-on science education opportunities which promote a culture of learning and discovery for all, with the ultimate goal of inspiring young Montanans to pursue higher education and possibly careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The Leader and service members will serve as role models to the High School Explainers while they grow their science and education capabilities. The AmeriCorps Leader and team will provide hands-on science activities for at least 25 preschool to 8th grade youth per month through spectrUM programs such as public hours, clubs, camps, and outreach activities. The Leader will provide opportunities for youth attending spectrUM programs to meet with and interact with role models from the University of Montana and affiliates in the community, and will mentor high school students at the spectrUM Discovery Area. To serve with spectrUM, Apply Here.


Salish Kootenai College AmeriCorps Leader: ***POSITION FILLED***Serve as a youth mentor in media arts/technology and support youth with activities to tackle Environmental Science and Cultural Heritage on the Flathead Reservation. The “SKC Flathead Tech4Good Co-op Project” collaborates with community nonprofits, area schools, and philanthropic organizations on personal enrichment and community outreach opportunities for participating 8th-12th graders and SKC students. Salish Kootenai College hosts a quarterly “jam” – a weekend of intensive collaboration to work with client and expert techies and artists to uncover the relevant challenges surrounding the community, brainstorm and present solutions, and create art and tech prototypes intended to solve particular dimensions of the community challenge. Throughout the year, the AmeriCorps team will support workshops, focused work sessions, coordination meetings, and gathering community members to get input and feedback on proposed solutions.

Salish Kootenai College Tech4Good VISTA: Help engage at-risk 8th-12th grade students on the Flathead reservation in engaging, out of school programming. Students will apply STEAM-based, collaborative problem solving skills to community problems, increasing technical and artistic skills, self-efficacy and future goal planning. Conduct a community needs assessment to map challenges and resources on the Flathead Reservation, apply for sustainable funding, collaborate with community leaders to help build program curriculum, and recruit 8th-12th grade students to participate! To serve with Flathead Tech 4 Good, apply here.


Friends Forever Mentoring VISTA: Serve with Friends Forever Mentoring to help move disadvantaged K-12 students on the Flathead Reservation out of poverty by building a summer mentoring program, developing funding for youth programming, and creating educational programming around healthy food education. Friends Forever Mentoring is looking to expand community partnerships on the reservation to help organizations implement peer mentor programming and the VISTA will help develop a strategic plan and conduct local outreach to help with this initiative. To apply, click here!


Fort Peck Tribes Health Promotion and Disease Prevention VISTA - Serve at Fort Peck to increase capacity for “Healthy Futures Health Career Prep,” a program for students interested in medical careers. The VISTA will develop materials that describe medical career expectations and school requirements; potential summer programs, internships, and mentoring opportunities; and scholarships. The VISTA will also focus on making the program self-sufficient and sustainable over the long run. In order to provide adequate, culturally appropriate healthcare and combat the health disparities that Native American communities face, this program will help students develop an interest in and skills for the healthcare profession so that once trained, they can become healthcare providers in their communities. Apply to serve here!

Fort Peck Community College VISTA: Spend your year of service assisting at-risk Native American students in succeeding in K-12 education and pursuing post secondary success. Help develop partnerships between Fort Peck Community College and Poplar schools for student success: recruit K-12 students to implement a grant funded program promoting college access and success, help develop a sustainable mentoring program in Poplar schools as well as other schools on the Fort Peck Reservation, and seek funding to build school success efforts. To apply, click here!

Fort Peck Community College AmeriCorps Leader: Work to increase college access and student success for students on the Fort Peck Reservation. Poplar is the second largest town on the Fort Peck Reservation and is home to the headquarters for the Assiniboine and Sioux tribes. At Poplar High School, only 39% of students graduated in the 2015-2016 school year. The AmeriCorps Leader in Poplar will support their team in utilizing the resources and connections of Fort Peck Community College to support local tribal students. Various activities may include: youth sports programming, mentoring at the juvenile detention center, educational community garden projects, high school to college bridge curriculum implementation, and high school an academic mentoring program. To serve this year at Fort Peck Community College, apply here.


Richland County Boys & Girls Club AmeriCorps Leader: Mentor K-12 youth at the Boys & Girls Club and Richland and Dawson County school districts to encourage student success and post-secondary enrollment. The Richland County Boys & Girls Club AmeriCorps Leader will recruit, support and lead a team of college student AmeriCorps Members in supporting first generation, low income youth through academic mentoring, civic engagement, and promoting healthy lifestyles. The team will engage in variety of projects including supporting a food stability/backpack programs, delivering financial aid and scholarship workshops, assisting with college and job fairs, facilitating community and school based mentoring programs, recruiting and supporting college student volunteers to strengthen service projects and college access programming, assisting with required national days of service projects, and engaging students in community service projects to encourage civic and community engagement. The team will partner with school districts in Richland and Dawson Counties to encourage post-secondary education through financial aid workshops, college and job fairs, scholarship preparation workshops, and mentor programs. To serve with Richland County Boys & Girls Club, Apply Here.


Troy High School VISTA - Serve with Troy High School’s “College and Career Pathways Outreach” program and collaborate with local businesses to expand the newly implemented Career Exploration Internship program, and plan and develop methods of outreach to engage students, parents, and community members in program events. In collaboration with team members, the VISTA will assist students with post-secondary planning by educating students on workplace skills and post-graduation employment opportunities. The VISTA will also continue to develop and strengthen job shadowing and internship opportunities for students, as well as assist with college and career education to ensure that students leave Troy High School with a solid post-secondary plan. Research indicates that higher education can provide a fast track out of poverty. Apply to serve here!