Montana Campus Compact is actively recruiting for full time, year-long, paid VISTA and AmeriCorps positions that will begin in July2018 (VISTA) and September of 2018 (AmeriCorps). Service is a wonderful way to build and hone your skills while making a meaningful difference in real Montana communities!

VISTA July 2018 - July 2019 Class (Indirect Service): Serve behind the scenes with higher education, non-profits and other community and government programs to address K-12 success, college access and success, and/or services for veterans. Your service will strengthen infrastructure, build capacity, and leverage higher education’s resources to help alleviate poverty in Montana communities.

AmeriCorps September 2018 - August 2019 Leader Class (Direct Service): Work directly with underserved K-12 youth through mentoring, normalizing college going, and increasing student success and college access. Your service will enrich the lives of those you serve and leave lasting impacts on these students, families and Montana communities as well as help to alleviate poverty through attaining higher education.

FOLLOWING ARE FULL-TIME, YEAR LONG VISTA and AmeriCorps positions beginning in July 2018 (VISTA positions) and September 2018 (AmeiCorps positions)


MAPS Media Institute--AmeriCorps Leader: The Leader will serve underserved 8th - 12th grade students in rural Montana with academic mentoring and college access activities. MAPS Works projects is to strengthen and connect our community through media arts. The member will mentor and support at least 35 underserved, rural students by developing one-on-one and group mentoring opportunities. They will conduct workshops on how to write compelling personal statements, provide information about dual enrollment and AP classes, arrange college representatives to present to MAPS students, create resources for students to reference and use as they visit and prepare for college and offer scholarship and financial aid resource information. They will develop an alumni network to track progress and success stories. The leader will support and assist MAPS Media Institute after-school programming for at least 100 youth and provide outreach to schools to provide information about MAPS programming to increase enrollment and awareness. To serve with MAPS, Hamilton, MT Apply Here!


Helena College: Developing Community Learning Programs VISTA - The role of the VISTA will be to work with the Workforce Development Director and the Community Outreach Director in establishing internships, apprenticeships, and externships to provide students with "high impact" experiential learning opportunities. The collaborative effort will provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities that will enable them to become active participants in the workforce. Also, businesses and organizations will acquire capable workers who have been personally managed and trained by their team. This project will specifically focus on engaging low-income, first generation, or other underrepresented/at-risk students in community-based learning opportunities. To serve with Helena College, apply here.

Montana Joining Community Forces (JCF) Community Engagement Project VISTA
- The primary responsibility of the VISTA will be to build capacity for Montana Joining Community Forces and implement sustainable solutions to challenges currently facing veterans and their families. The VISTA will work alongside the Director of Veteran Services and through the Montana JCF to assess existing community resources to determine where gaps in services exist; and then identify community partners to assist in developing solutions to fill the gaps. The mission of the Montana JCF is to serve Montana communities by centralizing, expanding, and maximizing resources available to Veterans, service members and their families in an effort to foster personal and family growth and build sustainable and relevant relationships between the military community and the community at large. Apply to serve with Montana Joining Community Forces here!

Montana Nonprofit Association VISTA: Complete your year of service developing and implementing Service Learning and Credentialing initiatives to help increase graduation rates and post-graduation success of low income, first generation, non-traditional college students. These initiatives will help bring first generation and/or nontraditional students into leadership positions in the nonprofit sector as volunteers or staff. Complete community assessments of service learning programs across Montana colleges and nonprofits, help create measures for successful service learning experiences, determine how best to engage low income students in these opportunities, and help the Montana Nonprofit Association implement service learning programming and promote credentialing opportunities. To apply for this position, click here!


Flathead Valley Community College AmeriCorps Leader: Engage under-served high school students in college access activities with the Running Start program to increase dual enrollment and student success. Mentor and support at least 50 first generation, low income students while building relationships with students and providing outreach for students on academic probation. The Leader will coach students on career and academic exploration. The AmeriCorps Leader will serve with the high schools in Flathead Valley Community College's service region: Bigfork HS, Columbia Falls HS, Flathead HS, Glacier HS, Linderman Education Center, Whitefish HS, Libby HS, Troy HS and Lincoln County HS. The member will assist with college application week co-present with Reach Higher MT staff during their junior and senior parent nights. The leader will serve with youth one on one for career exploration and academic advising. The leader will follow up with Running Start students to support each student's ability to be successful. Apply Here.


Lame Deer Public Schools VISTA - Lame Deer Public Schools is committed to improving academic success for undeserved students, thereby improving economic outcomes, and alleviating poverty in the region. This VISTA project will move low income youth out of poverty by increasing student support and community connection for Lame Deer K-12 students. Lame Deer Public Schools has 100% economically disadvantaged, American Indian student groups, and an overall graduation rate of 38.9%. The VISTA will build sustainable bridges between Lame Deer students and the Northern Cheyenne Tribe, Chief Dull Knife College, and community entities to connect students and the community through service projects, summer programming and post-secondary access and success. To serve with Lame Deer Public School, apply here.To serve with Lame Deer Public School, apply here.


MSU Park County Extension Youth Empowerment VISTA - Serve with MSU Park County Extension to develop new 4-H programs for low-income, underserved youth ages 12-16 in Livingston, helping them to identify, explore, and build tangible skills in their areas of interest. The VISTA’s focus areas will be: volunteer recruitment and leadership development, positive youth development, and system creation and operations support. The mission of this project is to engage at-risk youth in interest-based education where they can learn life skills—like an openness to challenge and discovery, hope and purpose; pro-social orientation, positive emotionality, and self-regulation; and experience positive adult relationships. The project aims to increase youth academic motivation and success, helping youth successfully transition to adulthood with improved health and well-being, and a desire for civic engagement and economic stability. Apply here to serve!


Accelerate Montana –Connecting Communities to Entrepreneurship VISTA: With a focus on rural, Native American, and disadvantaged populations, the VISTA will help develop funding and entrepreneurial methodologies to give new tools to low income high schoolers, college students and faculty, as well as alumni to move out of poverty. University of Montana's students are leaving between their freshman and sophomore year at a rate of 32%. Low income Native American students on campus are leaving at far higher rates. This VISTA will help setup programming inside Western Montana's high-poverty areas (e.g. Blackfoot Reservation), write and research grants to run additional programming on and off campus, and collaborate with the vast network of campus and community organizations to help these low income students succeed. Apply here!

MTCC Senior AmeriCorps Leader Serve this year in the Montana Campus Compact network office providing support services for AmeriCorps teams throughout the state, planning and executing training opportunities for AmeriCorps Leaders and service projects in Missoula, recruiting college students and community volunteers to serve, and utilizing social media and local media outlets to highlight the work of the MTCC AmeriCorps teams in Montana. The leader will assist with planning training opportunities for AmeriCorps Leaders and assist with and participate in host site visits throughout the state. Apply here.

Families First Children’s Museum (FFCM) VISTA - Serve with Families First Children’s Museum of Montana to provide parents with comprehensive, culturally relevant parenting education to support children’s educational success. The VISTA will conduct community needs assessments and focus groups to parents, caregivers, and providers to inform Families First programming, as well help develop curriculum for a comprehensive guidebook, “ Growing Together: A Guide for Raising Children,” that thoughtfully synthesizes parenting content with research-based instruction and practical application. This will allow FFCM the opportunity to create a meaningful resource for families of varying economic and cultural backgrounds, and an improvement in the community’s ability to address a wide range of parenting needs . To assist in growing healthy families with FFCM apply to serve here!

spectrUM Discovery Area AmeriCorps Leader: Serve this year by providing hands-on science education opportunities which promote a culture of learning and discovery for all, with the ultimate goal of inspiring young Montanans to pursue higher education and possibly careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The Leader and service members will serve as role models to the High School Explainers while they grow their science and education capabilities. The AmeriCorps Leader and team will provide hands-on science activities for at least 25 preschool to 8th grade youth per month through spectrUM programs such as public hours, clubs, camps, and outreach activities. The Leader will provide opportunities for youth attending spectrUM programs to meet with and interact with role models from the University of Montana and affiliates in the community, and will mentor high school students at the spectrUM Discovery Area. To serve with spectrUM, Apply Here.

Broader Impacts Group AmeriCorps Leader: Broader Impacts Group Team will introduce students in Montana to University of Montana role models and inspire students to pursue higher education. They will provide excellent hands-on demonstrations, activities and events for students at the Missoula Food Bank Empower Place. The leader will assist with leading the education programs. The leader will develop opportunities to highlight STEM projects at the university at the Missoula Food Bank, spectrUM Discovery are and through outreach events. The team will provide opportunities for youth attending programs at spectrUM, EmPower Place and outreach programs to meet with and interact with role models from UM and affiliates in the community. The Leader will serve as a liaison and work to bring in STEM role models for outreach, EmPower Place, camps and spectrUM Discovery Area programs. These experiences will engage students in STEM activities planting the seeds for future scientists. Apply Here.

Big Sky High School AmeriCorps Leader: Serve with underserved students in college access activities and involvement in parent engagement nights to help provide information to parents such as post-secondary education and FAFSA. The AmeriCorps Leader will recruit a team of 2 college student AmeriCorps members in addition to the team leader to serve at Big Sky High School. The AmeriCorps team members will help to decrease rate of failures in classes and work with grade level counselors to identify struggling students, help students identify their own road blocks to success, and provide academic mentoring for the identified students. Leader activities will include bi-monthly team member meetings with administration at Big Sky High School. Leader will oversee all aspects in conjunction with administration to make sure team members are meeting the expected outcome. Leader will also meet with grade level counselors, Reach Higher Montana, and the Graduation Coach to work to ensure the academic mentoring is successful. Apply Here.

Historical Museum at Fort Missoula AmeriCorps Leader : Support K-12 college readiness through engaging academic programs both on our historic site and in local k-12 schools. Members will serve with the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula, Target Range School, CS Porter Middle School, and Big Sky HS. The team will engage youth from three local schools to visit the University of Montana archives/anthropology, education, or history department. The programs will help the students connect the academic departments and major, with the careers they support. The team will mentor youth to develop parts of the new exhibit at Historical Museum Fort Missoula to open in 2019, working with up to 70 students in their classroom and on site. They will create relationships with teachers to support the work on this project and guide members in how to help foster creativity, keep students on track. Work one-on-one or in small groups with students to develop exhibit ideas, go through production steps and revision. Apply Here.


Fort Peck Tribes Health Promotion and Disease Prevention VISTA - Serve at Fort Peck to increase capacity for “Healthy Futures Health Career Prep,” a program for students interested in medical careers. The VISTA will develop materials that describe medical career expectations and school requirements; potential summer programs, internships, and mentoring opportunities; and scholarships. The VISTA will also focus on making the program self-sufficient and sustainable over the long run. In order to provide adequate, culturally appropriate healthcare and combat the health disparities that Native American communities face, this program will help students develop an interest in and skills for the healthcare profession so that once trained, they can become healthcare providers in their communities. Apply to serve here!

Fort Peck Community College VISTA: Spend your year of service assisting at-risk Native American students in succeeding in K-12 education and pursuing post secondary success. Help develop partnerships between Fort Peck Community College and Poplar schools for student success: recruit K-12 students to implement a grant funded program promoting college access and success, help develop a sustainable mentoring program in Poplar schools as well as other schools on the Fort Peck Reservation, and seek funding to build school success efforts. To apply, click here!

Fort Peck Community College AmeriCorps Leader: Work to increase college access and student success for students on the Fort Peck Reservation. Poplar is the second largest town on the Fort Peck Reservation and is home to the headquarters for the Assiniboine and Sioux tribes. At Poplar High School, only 39% of students graduated in the 2015-2016 school year. The AmeriCorps Leader in Poplar will support their team in utilizing the resources and connections of Fort Peck Community College to support local tribal students. Various activities may include: youth sports programming, mentoring at the juvenile detention center, educational community garden projects, high school to college bridge curriculum implementation, and high school an academic mentoring program. To serve this year at Fort Peck Community College, apply here.


Richland County Boys & Girls Club AmeriCorps Leader: Mentor K-12 youth at the Boys & Girls Club and Richland and Dawson County school districts to encourage student success and post-secondary enrollment. The Richland County Boys & Girls Club AmeriCorps Leader will recruit, support and lead a team of college student AmeriCorps Members in supporting first generation, low income youth through academic mentoring, civic engagement, and promoting healthy lifestyles. The team will engage in variety of projects including supporting a food stability/backpack programs, delivering financial aid and scholarship workshops, assisting with college and job fairs, facilitating community and school based mentoring programs, recruiting and supporting college student volunteers to strengthen service projects and college access programming, assisting with required national days of service projects, and engaging students in community service projects to encourage civic and community engagement. The team will partner with school districts in Richland and Dawson Counties to encourage post-secondary education through financial aid workshops, college and job fairs, scholarship preparation workshops, and mentor programs. To serve with Richland County Boys & Girls Club, Apply Here.

ADA/EOE/AA/Veteran's Preference
Reasonable accommodations are provided in the hiring process for persons with disabilities. For example, this material is available in alternative format upon request. As an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer, we encourage applications from minorities, veterans, and women. Qualified candidates may request veterans’ or disabilities preference in accordance with state law.