MTCC AmeriCorps Summer Hire Paperwork

Welcome to Montana Campus Compact and AmeriCorps!

Following are the documents you must fill out in order to get enrolled into our payroll system. PLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE UPLOADING YOUR DOCUMENTS. MTCC AmeriCorps service members are paid through the University of Montana. Once the forms are filled out you must upload them to our secure site on Submittable. The first step is to register on Submittable here. It takes only a few minutes, requiring just your name, email and a password.

You can fill out the forms manually or online. If you would like to fill them out online YOU MUST FIRST DOWNLOAD THE DOCUMENTS AND SAVE EACH DOCUMENT SEPARATELY TO YOUR COMPUTER, then fill it out, save it and upload the completed document to Submittable. Note that the W-4 and I-9 require a signature so you will need to print, sign, scan and upload. You will also need to scan your citizenship ID and direct deposit information. If you prefer to fill the forms out manually, click here to download them all. Then fill them out, scan and upload on to Submittable here. Please do not send forms via email. We can only accept them through our secure Submittable site.

Each document must be submitted as a separate scan. ALL documents must be uploaded before you click “submit”. If you do not have all your documents signed and ready to upload, save what you have completed and come back to finish later. Following are the documents. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Click each document to download.

  1. UMT Personal Information (Be sure to sign at the bottom)
  2. I-9 (Please remember to print and sign!)
  3. I-9 Citizenship List (Upload documents from this list now and then bring the originals that you upload with you to your first day of work)
  4. W-4 (Please be sure to print and sign)
  5. Direct Deposit Request
  6. Voided Check or Bank Direct Deposit Authorization
  7. Designated Decedents Warrant
  8. Workmen’s Compensation
  9. Statement of Selective ServiceAmeriCorps Paperwork Checklist

To upload your files on Submittable, click here. For each document there is an orange “Upload” button on the left and instructions on the right.┬áIf you have any questions contact Kathy Peters or call 406-243-5135.