More About MTCC AmeriCorps Leaders

The MTCC AmeriCorps Leaders program supports college attainment, career readiness, and student success across Montana by deploying full-time AmeriCorps Leaders and part-time college student AmeriCorps Team Members. Together, Leaders and their teams provide coaching and interventions to first-generation and low-income K-12 and college students in high schools, colleges, and educational nonprofits across the state. AmeriCorps members provide a variety of direct service activities such as supporting youth-focused programming, offering college application nights, helping families in completing FAFSA applications, and norming the idea of going to college.

AmeriCorps Leaders serve full-time for one year (September 1st, 2021 to August 31st, 2022).  Leaders receive an Education award of $4,400, a modest living stipend, and other benefits.

AmeriCorps Team Members commit to serve 300 hours over the academic year. Team Members receive an education award of $1,000, and in some cases they may combine their service with work study, internship, or practicum positions.

As an added bonus, many Montana colleges and universities may match education award funds used to pay for tuition. For example, The University of Montana may match up to $1,000! Learn more.

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Questions about serving as an AmeriCorps Leader or Team Member? Contact Eli Bowe, Program Specialist, at 406-243-5458 or send him an email.

Questions about hosting an AmeriCorps Team at your school or nonprofit? Contact Dannette Fadness, AmeriCorps Manager, at 406.243.5181 or send her an email.

Resources for Current Members
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