Full Time 2019 – 2020 Service Positions

Following are YEAR LONG positions available for the 2019 – 2020 school year. At the end of each listing is a notation as to whether the position is for AmeriCorps (direct service) or VISTA (indirect service). Click here to learn the difference between these types of MTCC National Service Positions.

The AmeriCorps Leader will support the AmeriCorps team with engaging students in school and after school academic mentoring at Browning Public Schools, Heart Butte Schools, Cuts Wood Schools and Blackfeet Community College students. Provide academic mentoring, and provide opportunities for youth and college students to engage in civic engagement with projects including community clean up, restorations of playgrounds, cultural activities and more. The team will support the Summer Bridge Program encouraging post-secondary enrollment at high schools and for recent high school graduates. They will recruit and support college students as college positive volunteers to strengthen service projects and college access programming, assisting with and participating in required national days of service projects, and engaging students in community service projects to encourage civic and community engagement. (Direct/AmeriCorps) Apply by contacting us about next steps here!

In previous assessments in Montana there was a lack of knowledge of programs available for students for college access, especially with high school counselors. Work needs to be done to ensure that everyone knows about these programs. The VISTA for Montana College Access Network (MCAN) will further our mission to support, serve, and enhance our affiliate members in their efforts to increase post-secondary participation and college completion for all Montanans. The VISTA will do this by designing and managing a membership campaign and seeking out and assisting with potential grant funding opportunities. Specifically, The VISTA will assist in identifying and engaging entities in the area who work with children as potential coalition members; identifying potential funding sources for the coalition’s work, and assist coalition founders with establishment work such as mission statements and strategic plans. If interested in this service position please contact Callye Foster at 406-243-2379.

The VISTA will build capacity to support low-income Montanans with tools for moving out of poverty. With their site supervisor and higher education leadership, the VISTA will help to establish a Campus Task Force that advances tools for wage negotiation and addresses gender wage disparity. They will meet with stakeholders, review current structures and offerings, and build a sustainable platform for the program’s future. They will create materials and seek out stakeholder input, including college and university partners. They will customize materials and training structure and schedules in partnership with the communities identified above, ensuring accessibility and usability. They will communicate and establish points of contact at universities and colleges, hold meetings with contacts to discuss initiative mission and mechanics of implementing “train the trainer” events, and support implementation of program sustainability goals. Contact Callye Foster at 406-243-2379 for more information.

Positions beginning this summer for the 2020 – 2021 school year will be posted on March 2, 2020. If you want to be notified you when the positions are posted, send an email to Claire Foley.  If you apply before the April 10th priority deadline, you will be notified as soon as the positions are posted. Click here to see a list of communities we anticipate serving in during the 2020 – 2021 year.