Year-Long AmeriCorps Application Process

Applications are being accepted for full-time, year-long service positions in 2021-2022! Find the link to the application and learn more below. Contact Eli Bowe for more information.

To hear about the experience of MTCC AmeriCorps members read their service blogs here.

Understand the difference between serving as an AmeriCorps Leader and an AmeriCorps VISTA by reviewing this helpful comparison.

Review our current position openings for year-long members.

Consider which individuals you will ask to provide your references. You will be required to choose three:

  1. Supervisor Reference – Someone who has supervised you in a work or volunteer setting. They should be able to speak to your work ethic, professional skills, and dependability.
  2. Service Reference – A professional mentor who can attest to how you live out service values. They should be someone who knows about your commitment to helping others and supporting communities, such as a professor, an athletic coach, a volunteer manager, a member of the clergy, etc.
  3. Peer Reference – Someone close to you who can attest to your readiness to enter service. They should be able to share about your personal readiness for service and may be a friend, a co-worker, etc.

Contact Eli Bowe, MTCC’s recruitment coordinator, to learn more about our application or our available service positions. Eli can be reached at or 406-243-5458.

Full-time, year-long AmeriCorps positions are available with MTCC beginning in November 2021.

Apply Here!

The application you complete is essential to your candidacy for an AmeriCorps position with MTCC. Our staff attentively  review all of your responses when determining whether to invite you to serve with our organization. Candidates who are selected for service will be those who show the most genuine engagement with the mission of MTCC and the philosophy of AmeriCorps. Evidence of thoughtful responses reflects well on you as an applicant.

Once MTCC has processed your application and references, you will receive an email from our office describing your next steps. You will receive this message within one week of your submission.

All applicants will be contacted within one week of their application submission. At that time, they may be offered an opportunity to attend an interview with MTCC staff. Interviews occur over the phone or via video conferencing software, lasting approximately 60 minutes. Within one week of your interview, you will learn whether you have been invited to serve with MTCC AmeriCorps.

Candidates who are selected to interview will be encouraged to review a Pre-Interview Packet. This document will help you to further understand the values, goals, and philosophy of the MTCC AmeriCorps program while providing reflection questions for you to consider before the interview.

Candidates are also asked to submit a “Service Site Preferences & Self-Reference Form”. Your responses will be discussed in your interview. The form serves two purposes:

  1. It is your opportunity to share your top service site choices with MTCC. These preferences are taken into strong consideration during the host site matching process.
  2. Your self-ranking in a number of skill areas will inform our staff’s choices during the matching process as we determine which host site will best align with your personal goals and abilities.

Within one week of your interview, you will be contacted by the MTCC office. Candidates whom we would like to bring into our program will receive an invitation to serve. You will have three days to decide whether you would like to accept this invitation.

MTCC will never invite more candidates to serve than we have available positions. If you accept an invitation, you have secured yourself an AmeriCorps position in 2021-2022 and will be included in the next matching pool. Congratulations!

MTCC implements a host site matching procedure with our AmeriCorps candidates. Using the materials they have provided throughout the application process, the MTCC recruitment team comes together on several Match Days to review a pool of candidates who have accepted an invitation to serve.

Our team puts great thought and care into determining matches that will be beneficial both to our AmeriCorps candidates and our partner host sites. The skills and interests you have shared with us, along with the host site preferences you have provided, play a significant role in our decision. We cannot guarantee that anyone will receive their top site choice. We do guarantee that careful consideration goes into every match determination.

If the match you receive comes as a surprise, MTCC encourages you to look at it with an open mind. Our staff are always happy to speak with you about your site match and explain why we are confident that the position is well aligned with your skills and interests.

After a candidate is matched with a service site, MTCC alerts the supervisor for that specific site. The supervisor will then schedule a time to speak with the candidate by phone. This final informational interview is an opportunity for candidates to get to know the site and supervisor and to learn more about their AmeriCorps duties specific to that organization. Though unlikely, if either the candidate or the site supervisor are dissatisfied with the match after their conversation, MTCC will work to identify an alternative, more suitable match for the candidate.

Once a candidate is alerted to their match and they have attended an informational interview with the host site supervisor, they have a final opportunity to confirm their acceptance. Once this occurs, the placement will be finalized, and the candidate will receive information to complete the MTCC AmeriCorps onboarding process.

Service begins in the fall with a multi-day orientation and training provided by MTCC. You will get to know your AmeriCorps cohort, learn about Montana, and come to understand your duties as an AmeriCorps member. Once completed, you will begin serving full-time at your host site!

Note: As the COVID-19 situation continues to change, MTCC will determine whether the orientation will occur virtually or in-person. The safety of our members and the populations they serve is a top concern for MTCC.

ADA/EOE/AA/Veteran’s Preference: MTCC is an administrative unit of the University of Montana. Reasonable accommodations are provided in the hiring process for persons with disabilities. For example, this material is available in alternative format upon request. As an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer, we encourage applications from minorities, veterans, and women. Qualified candidates may request veterans’ or disabilities preference in accordance with state law.