Full Year AmeriCorps

Group photo af about 40 AmeriCorps members and MTCC staff. They are holding a sign with the AmeriCorps logo, and there is a large sign that says "Salish Kootenai College" behind them. On the sign is a stylized image of a charging buffalo.
MTCC AmeriCorps members at the Building Engaged Citizens training held at Salish Kootenai College in fall 2022.

Each year, we place up to 40 AmeriCorps members into a full year of service with nonprofits, K-12 schools, colleges, and government agencies in Montana. By committing to 12 months of service, these individuals take on a large commitment to improve the lives of Montanans, and receive a number of benefits not available to those who complete shorter service terms.

Positions are announced each year in February and usually have start dates in the early to late summer. You can check out available positions, or read blogs from past and current members to learn about the Montana service year experience.

Contact our recruitment coordinator Eli Bowe, if you have any questions.