MTCC’s Response to COVID-19

MTCC’s staff and service members are continuing to work and support our campuses, partners and service members during the pandemic. Click on each of the topics below to learn more:

The best way to reach us is via email. We are on email all day so if you need something we’ll get back to you when we receive a request. Click on the name of the person you wish to reach to email them: Eli Bowe, Danette Fadness, Claire Foley, Callye Foster, Paxton McCausland, Kathy Peters, Josh Vanek, Andrea Vernon.

YES! Our work is based on community need and those needs are only getting bigger with the COVID-19 crisis.

We are currently actively recruiting for 10-week summer positions beginning June 10, 2020 through August 18, 2020 as well as year-long positions beginning in summer and fall 2020. We are working with our host sites who are developing alternative plans should they be needed – such as tele-mentoring and tele-activities for youth; assisting food banks; and delivering food to those who depend on schools for healthy meals.

Montana Campus Compact prioritizes the health and safety of our national service members, campus/community partners, and the people we serve. We are closely following CDC and MT DPPHS guidance to ensure that national service members are able to serve in a safe and socially responsible way.

Two things are clear at this point: the impacts of COVID-19 will be far reaching, and this is a rapidly changing situation so it’s difficult to predict the exact implications on our next cohort’s terms of service. Meanwhile, the needs that our National Service programs continue and currently, as of early May, most of our National Service Members and staff are sheltering in place and serving remotely. Service members’ health and safety is the number one priority for MTCC and our host sites. A period of quarantine may be required if a new member is moving to Montana from out of state. Provisions will be made to accommodate best practices for safety when new members arrive in Montana.

COVID-19 in Montana may create situations in which statewide, regional, and local leaders face increased significant community challenges and organization needs that AmeriCorps programs and members may be able to alleviate. To request help from a service member, visit the Governor’s Office of Community Service here.

MTCC Associate Director Josh Vanek is holding a drop-in hour each Wednesday from 10 – 11 am via ZOOM. Your questions and ideas are welcome. Contact Josh to get the link to join the conversation.

Danette Fadness, AmeriCorps Program Manager, and Eli Bowe, AmeriCorps Senior Leader, are holding drop-in hours daily from 10am – 11am via ZOOM. If you’d like to join the conversation, contact either Danette or Eli to get the link.

VISTA Leader Paxton McCausland is holding a drop-in hour via ZOOM each Monday from 3:30 to 4:30. VISTA Members are welcome to check in with questions, problems, good news, or anything that’s up. Contact Paxton to get the link to join.

VISTA Program Manager Callye Foster is holding a drop-in hour via ZOOM each Thursday from 3:30-4:30 for current and new host site members. Any and all questions and/or news is welcome. Contact Callye for the link to attend.

Program Manager Dannette Fadness is holding a drop-in hour every Wednesday at 1pm. Current and future host site supervisors are welcome to check in, to ask questions, get updates, or just to connect. Email Dannette to get the link to attend.

If you have more questions about becoming a service member or hosting a service member during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Corporation for National and Community Service is keeping the following website up to date with the latest information to all your questions:

To learn about what our members are up to during the COVID-19 Pandemic, read their stories in our blog here.

Following are links to helpful information. If you find a good resource not on this list, please send an email to Kathy Peters and we’ll add it. First, there are many great resources tucked inside this blog post from Compact President Andrew Selighson: Following are more resources listed by type: