AmeriCorps Application Process

Applications for the 2022-2023 service term are being accepted now. If you have visited this page in the past and think that things look a little different, that’s because we have made some adjustments to the process in response to feedback from candidates. Contact Eli Bowe for more information.

Learn About MTCC AmeriCorps: 

Prepare for Your Application:

Consider which individuals you will ask to provide your references. You will be required to provide two professional references. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  1. Supervisor Reference – Someone who has supervised you in a work or volunteer setting. They should be able to speak to your work ethic, professional skills, and dependability.
  2. Service Reference – A professional mentor who can attest to how you live out service values. They should be someone who knows about your commitment to helping others and supporting communities, such as a professor, an athletic coach, a volunteer manager, a member of the clergy, etc.

Important: MTCC cannot accept references completed by members of your immediate or extended family, even if those individuals have also supervised your work in a professional setting. Examples of unacceptable references: Your parent, sibling, grandparent, cousin, aunt, or uncle.

Contact Eli Bowe, MTCC’s recruitment coordinator, to learn more about our application or our available service positions. Eli can be reached at or 406-243-5458.

There are two components to a complete application for the MTCC AmeriCorps program. For an application to be complete, MTCC must receive both an application via the My AmeriCorps platform and an application supplement completed via Submittable.

The application and supplement you complete are essential to your candidacy for an AmeriCorps position with MTCC. Our staff attentively reviews all of your responses when determining whether to invite you to serve with our organization. Candidates who are selected for service will be those who show the most genuine engagement with the mission of MTCC and the philosophy of AmeriCorps. Evidence of thoughtful responses reflects well on you as an applicant.

Once MTCC has received and processed your application, application supplement, and references, you will receive an email from our office describing your next steps. You will receive this message within one week of submitting all materials.

Part One: AmeriCorps Application

Your application for AmeriCorps service will be completed and submitted via the My AmeriCorps website, located at

Step 1: Create an account by visiting My AmeriCorps, and selecting “Register to create a new Member/Alum account”.

Step 2: Follow the steps to create your AmeriCorps profile.

Step 3: Create an application for your AmeriCorps profile.

Step 4: Once your application is complete, use it to apply to any Montana Campus Compact AmeriCorps position listed in My AmeriCorps. Find My AmeriCorps listings here.

(Important: It does not matter which listing you apply to, so long as it is for a Montana Campus Compact position. In your Application Supplement you will share your service site preferences, and your service site placement will depend upon the information in your Application Supplement, not the listing you select in My AmeriCorps. For example, you can apply to this listing, even if there are other positions that interest you.)

Step 5: Complete your Application Supplement (described below).

Part Two: Application Supplement

Your application supplement will be completed via Submittable and includes important information about your motivations for service with MTCC, along with an opportunity to share your service site preferences. If you are accepted into the MTCC AmeriCorps program, these preferences will be used when determining your service site placement. Complete your Application Supplement here!

You will be asked to include your three top choices for your service site in your application supplement. During an interview, your interest in those sites will be discussed in greater depth. Candidates receiving an invitation to join the MTCC program will usually be offered a placement with one of these three service sites. On occasion, MTCC may offer a different placement if our team feels that it will be the best fit for your skills.

All applicants will be contacted within one week of submitting their application. At that time, they may be offered an opportunity to attend an interview with MTCC staff. Interviews occur over the phone or via video conferencing software, lasting approximately 60 minutes. Interviews give us a chance to get to know you better and answer your questions about service. They are also your opportunity to share more about your interest in your top three service site preferences. Within one week of your interview, you will learn whether you have been invited to serve with MTCC AmeriCorps.

Candidates who are selected to interview will be encouraged to review a Pre-Interview Packet. This document will help you to further understand the values, goals, and philosophy of the MTCC AmeriCorps program while providing reflection questions for you to consider before the interview.

Within one week of your interview, you will be contacted by the MTCC office. Candidates whom we would like to bring into our program will receive an invitation to serve, and informed of the service site placement we believe is suitable for them. You will have three days to decide if you would like to accept this invitation and move forward in the process.

Service Site Conversation

Upon accepting their invitation to serve, candidates will be put in contact with the site supervisor specific to their AmeriCorps placement. The candidate and the supervisor will be asked to schedule a call. This conversation will be a chance for you to ask remaining questions about the service site organization, daily duties as an AmeriCorps member, the service community, etc. Most importantly, it is a chance to confirm that the placement will be a good fit, both for the candidate and the service site.

Final Acceptance

Following the service site conversation, you will confirm to MTCC that you would like to accept the position. Once you let us know, we will begin your AmeriCorps enrollment and onboarding. In the event that either you or the service site feel that the placement will not be an ideal fit, MTCC will work with you to determine if another of our service sites will be a suitable placement.

Once you and your service site supervisor have confirmed that you will be a good fit for the position, the placement will be finalized, and you will receive information to complete the AmeriCorps onboarding process.

Service begins with a multi-day orientation and training provided by MTCC. You will get to know your AmeriCorps cohort, learn about Montana, and come to understand your duties as an AmeriCorps member. Once completed, you will begin serving full-time at your service site!

Note: As the COVID-19 situation continues to change, MTCC will determine whether the orientation will occur virtually or in-person. The safety of our members and the populations they serve is a top concern for MTCC.

ADA/EOE/AA/Veteran’s Preference: MTCC is an administrative unit of the University of Montana. Reasonable accommodations are provided in the hiring process for persons with disabilities. For example, this material is available in alternative format upon request. As an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer, we encourage applications from minorities, veterans, and women. Qualified candidates may request veterans’ or disabilities preference in accordance with state law.