Initiatives, Training, Scholarships & Awards

Over the past 25 years, MTCC’s campuses have ensured that the public service mission of higher education is intentionally embedded into the curriculum, that students are engaged in the community as a matter of course, and that faculty help students find relevant, meaningful ways to put their learning to work. Compact campuses statewide have actively sought to work across barriers between public, private, and tribal institutions; have come together to support scholarships for incoming freshmen and continuing students; supported incentives to attract and reward AmeriCorps and VISTA alums to serve in our state; and created a culture of service that permeates the fabric of higher education in Montana. The commitment, relationships, and shared sense of purpose we see in our work every day are the building blocks to strengthening our communities and our democracy.

Through partnerships with the AmeriCorps formerly Corporation for National & Community ServiceReach Higher Montana, the Governor’s Office of Community Service, and other funding partners, MTCC offers a broad spectrum of initiatives, training, scholarships, and awards that encourage and recognize community service and enable service-learning professional development.