1. We ENGAGE students in their Montana communities.

2. We CATALYZE campuses to meet community needs.

3. We REVITALIZE DEMOCRACY through community engagement.

Over the course of MTCC’s 30-year history, higher education in Montana has transformed as our affiliate institutions statewide have responded to community needs by developing new courses, adding civic engagement and service learning departments, and by creating campus cultures that emphasize and support the importance of deep engagement with community. MTCC’s campuses have ensured that the public service mission of higher education is intentionally embedded into curriculum, that students are engaged in their communities as a matter of course, and that faculty are challenged to help students find relevant, meaningful ways to put their learning to work in their communities.

Service learning faculty, AmeriCorps and VISTA service members, MTCC Advisory, CEO and Council members—colleagues too numerous to count—have built intentional partnerships with K-12 schools and nonprofit and government partners—all in the interest of living the foundational public mission of higher education. Compact campuses statewide have actively sought to work across barriers between public/private and tribal institutions; have come together to support scholarships for incoming freshmen and continuing students; supported incentives to attract and reward AmeriCorps and VISTA alums to serve in our state; and created a culture of service that permeates the fabric of higher education in Montana.

Network Strategic Plan