Feeling Like a Bozeman Community Member by Griffin Seyfried

April 2, 2024
Griffin Seyfried is a VISTA serving with MSU Bozeman’s Student Engagement Office, Bozeman, MT

As the snow melts and the days lengthen here in Bozeman, my journey with AmeriCorps VISTA has unfolded with new endeavors, personal achievements, and the ever-present spirit of community engagement. The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity, stretching my skills and deepening my ties to this vibrant community.

CatCab: Steering Towards Safer Nights

One of the most exciting projects on my plate has been advising the MSU student government in the creation of CatCab, a new safe ride program designed to ensure students have access to reliable, safe transportation during the night. While we’re keeping the hype on the down-low for now, as we’re yet to launch, the potential impact of this program on student safety and well-being is something I’m incredibly proud to be a part of.

Streamlining Student Resources

Beyond transportation, housing is another critical concern for students. I’ve been diving into our off-campus housing resources, compiling and refining information into concise documents. This initiative aims to make the housing search as seamless as possible for students, alleviating one of the major stresses of college life.

Fostering Future Nonprofit Leaders

My commitment to nurturing a connection between students and the nonprofit sector has continued to grow. Through hosting non-profit panels and lunches, we’ve provided valuable insights and networking opportunities for students interested in making a difference through their careers. These events have sparked conversations, inspired ambitions, and illuminated the path for future nonprofit leaders.

Personal Milestones: Snowboards and Wrestling Mats

On a personal note, I’ve managed to carve out time for snowboarding, hitting the slopes for an impressive 21 days this season. There were moments of exhilaration and challenge, like finding myself on the edge of a cliff, reminding me of the importance of navigating life’s tricky slopes with caution and courage.

I also stepped into the coaching shoes for our local middle school wrestling team. Witnessing our young athletes’ dedication and hard work culminate in success at the state tournament, with one wrestler placing second.

Looking Ahead

As my service term inches closer to its end, my spare moments are filled with reflections on my time here and the preparation for what’s next. Cover letters have become my new project, as I seek to translate this experience into the next chapter of my professional journey. If you’re reading this and know of opportunities in Bozeman, let’s connect!