September 11, 2015
MSU-Northern’s Chancellor Kegel and VOTG recipient Joseph Vernon.

Every year, Montana Campus Compact (MTCC) collaborates with the Montana Governor’s Office of Community Service to support volunteerism and service in Montana. We believe in supporting college students who make a difference within our communities. Through this collaboration, the Volunteer of the Game award recognizes five student volunteers from college campuses in Butte, Havre, Helena, Dillon and Billings.

Two examples of the student leaders recognized with Volunteer of the Game distinctions include Joseph Vernon and Mathew Foster. MSU-Northern Chancellor Greg Kegel awarded Joseph Vernon the Volunteer of the Game at the Northern October 18 home game. Joseph was recognized for his coordination of the recycling program at the university and his volunteerism in the community of Havre. 

Montana Tech’s Mathew Foster served as Circle K International club president and helped organize Tech’s inaugural Student Veterans’ Association. Both students embody Campus Compact’s core values of community engagement and social responsibility. 
Montana Tech’s Mathew Foster

Recommendations for student nominees must be submitted or three weeks prior to the game day presentation. The nominee must be enrolled at a Montana Campus Compact affiliate institution. Recommendations for student nominees are sent to ServeMontana, the Governor’s Office of Community Service via email or fax. Check out the application here or on the www.mtcompact.org website!

Below are the dates the 2015 Volunteer of the Game Awards will be made:
October 24: Carroll College, Helena and Montana State University Northern, Havre         
October 31, 2015: Montana Tech. Butte       

November 7, 2015: Rocky Mountain College, Billings and   University of Montana Western, Dillon