National Webinar Series 2019 – 2020

9/10/19 1pm MST
Picturing Community Engagement: What We Say Through Images & Why It Matters.
Explore ways that photographs convey to students, faculty, and community partners what community-engaged learning is and can be. Click here to register.
Speakers: David Donahue, Susan Munkres

9/26/19 1pm MST
Engage the 2020 Census: Resources for the Whole Campus
Prepare as Census 2020 approaches. This webinar will help faculty develop course plans and staff create programming that will bring the census to life. Click here to register.
Speakers: Natalie Furlett, Sinda Nichols

10/17/19 1pm MST
Using Student Engagement Data to Create Institutional Change
This webinar will explore the benefits of gathering streams of data into one place, creating a knowledge hub of student engagement. Click here to register.
Speakers: Nuala Boyle, Nicholas Lamendola

11/14/19 1pm MST
Decolonizing Approaches to Inclusive Discussions and Trainings: Lessons from Indigenous Perspectives
This session will provide decolonizing practice resources, concrete examples, and a chance to reflect on how to apply the practices to your context. Click here to register.
Speakers: Turquoise Deveraux, Laurie Walker

11/21/19 1pm MST
Let’s Play Votes & Ballots: Creating Quality Action Plans for Democratic Engagement through Gamification
In this webinar, participants will be introduced to Votes & Ballots, an interactive activity that takes the guesswork out of on-campus democratic engagement. Click here to register.
Speakers: Emily Giffin, Allison Rank

12/10/19 1pm MST
A Focus on Faculty: Practical and Research- Informed Strategies for Faculty Development in Community Engagement
Participants will analyze and situate their work with faculty partners, emerging with ideas, resources, and support structures. Click here to register.
Speakers: Becca Berkey, Emily Eddins Rountree, Patrick Green, Car Meixner

1/30/20 1pm MST
Building Democratic Skills Through Deliberative Dialogue
This workshop will provide an overview of the National Issues Forum deliberative dialogue model and allow participants to engage in a brief practice Forum. Click here to register.
Speakers: Leslie Garvin

2/13/20 1pm MST
Braving the Wilderness: How Vulnerability can be a Pathway for Social Change
Learn a framework to give language and understanding for how fear and power imbalances impact our capacity to communicate and connect with people across power and dominance. Click here to register.
Speakers: Judy Botelho, Nanci Luci Jiménez, Pilar Pacheco, Christina Gonzalez-Salgado

2/27/20 1pm MST
Designing Asset-Based Educational Experiences
This webinar will introduce Dr. Tara J. Yosso’s Community Cultural Wealth Model as a framework for discovering and embracing every student’s unique assets, knowledge and talents. Click here to register.
Speakers: Kristina Barger

3/10/20 1pm MST
High Impact Community-Engaged Learning Practices & Processes
This webinar will focus on three practices that facilitate achievement of high impact community-engaged learning (service-learning). Click here to register.
Speakers: Jim Bowman, Lynn Donahue, Marta Rodriguez-Galan

4/16/20 1pm MST
Speak Up: How to Work Change in Your Community
This webinar will teach participants how to engage in making change in their city, state, and country by becoming an advocate. Click here to register.
Speakers: Gina Plata-Nino

4/28/20 1pm MST
The Power of a Plan: How a Civic Action Plan can Create Significant Impact
This webinar will provide inspiration and honest feedback about creating a Civic Action Plan, the challenges encountered, and the tremendous impact of the plan at two institutions. Click here to register.
Speakers: Julianne Gassman, Laura Hill Rao

5/7/20 1pm MST
Building Student Dispositions for Community- Engaged Learning
The webinar is structured around six dispositions that are particularly vital for community-engaged learning designed to promote critical thinking and social justice in students. Click here to register.
Speakers: David Donahue, Star Plaxton-Moore